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rincón de romos
In 1658, Diego Romo de Vivar bought the majority of the Pedro Rincón de Ortega´s hacienda, located on the village that for a long time was known by the name of "Chora". That commercial deal brought forth the union of both last names, Romo and Rincón, changing the name of "Chora" to Rincón de Romos. It's not until 1915 that the category of City Hall District was obtained.

In its main square, a Don Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla statue is located representing his passage through town. The parish and Sanctuary of Señor de las Angustias, both with Neoclassic style, and the former Hacienda de El Saucillo with its impressive aqueducts built in 1877, are attractions to be admired.
A church and the former Hacienda de San Blás are in the town of Pabellón de Hidalgo, ten minutes south from Rincón de Romos, this former hacienda has been turned into a museum.
Rincón de Romos is famous for its traditional Matlachines dance that can be admired in different festivals and festivities, such as the regional fair celebrated during the first two weeks of January in honor to El Señor de las Angustias.

For a variety of alternative tourism, this city district also features the Boquilla cave and dam in addition to the Juan Caporal cliff.

One kilometer from the north of the City Hall District, the town of Escaleras is located, whose residents are famous for their sculptural and ornamental crafting on onyx stones. Other craftsmanship include woodcarving. Rincón de Romos is also famous throughout the state for their exquisite Birria (boiled goat meat).
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C.P. 20400
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Rincón de Romos, Ags., México.
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