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El llano
The municipality of El Llano is located 39 kilometers to the west of the capital. The name of El Llano (Plain Land), comes from the geographical peculiarities of the land, and it was officially declared a municipality on January 30, 1992.

Palo Alto, the City Hall District lies on what used to be an hacienda, like many others, belonged to the Rincón Gallardo family.

In this place you can appreciate beautiful crafts made by the natives.
A small church is located in front of La Casa Grande in Neoclassic style and where Rodrigo Rincón Gallardo, former governor of Aguascalientes, was buried along with his wife and children. The chapel, which is consecrated to the town patron, the Virgen de la Luz, dates back to 1921.
The El Grande Hill is a beautiful natural site which can be visited by all those who like adventure; there you can find the Cave of the Pirul.

During the third week of the month of August, the Sandovales Festival is celebrated: a picturesque town which has a small lagoon for traveling in rowboats and a small chapel. You should visit historical buildings from the former hacienda such as the Fortines, which dates back to July 1879, as well as Las Tropes and Los Establos now Palo Alto.
Calle 20 de Noviembre # 103
Zona Centro
C.P. 20330
Phone: (496) 967-32-01 y 967-32-02
El Llano, Ags., México.
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