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There are plenty of wild animals in the Serrana region, because it is a zone not so crowded, with less cultuvitation than others and with a lot of vegetation.
In the mountains there are puma, white failed deer, collared wild coar, mountain cat, and squirrel, in the valleys there are coyote, gray, fox, raccoon, hare, spotted quail, barn-owl, and eagle. Also we can see animals as lizards, snakes, salamander, ducks and bats.
Even though the state of Aguascalientes has a surface of 5,589 km., with a topography mainly plain covert with extensive areas of xerophytes thicket and few forest zones, according to studies done by universidad Autónoma de Aguascalientes, the floristic opulence is conformed by a great number of species: 136 families 595 genders, and 1458 species of plants from these the most representatives families correspond to compositae gramineae and leguminosae some of them are threatened or of restricted distribution.

The state has more than 250 animal species among mammals, Amphibious, reptiles and birds, these last ones more than 30% are migratory.
From all the registered species 19 are classified as threaten , 12 in special protection, on 6 rare , 3 protected and the “Real” Eagle is endangered of extension, which is considered for its study research according to the program of conservation and recuperation of preprimaries species.

The current usage that is given to local wild fauna consist on the hunting exploitation of 14 species of mammals and 17 of birds ( squirrel, hare, rabbit, coyote, turkey, quail, garganeys, widgeon, geese, ducks and pigeons).

Since 1995 a squeme of exploitation of wild fauna and flora was incorporated through de UMAS, beginning with the introduction of the red Hart (cervus elaphool native of New Zealand from which currently are 8 of them. The management plans and settlement studies of their faunistics species have permitted to carry out the exploitation of the wild turkey (Mleleagris gallopavo) white tailed deer Codocoileus virginianus covesi) and collared wild boar (Pecari tajacua) for national and foreign hunters, 30 management units have been consolidated until now.

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