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Cosío is the smallest of the eleven municipalities of Aguascalientes. A great part of Cosío belonged to the Hacinda of San Jacinto, which now belongs to the municipality of Rincón de Romos; these lands belonged to the Spaniard Pío Bermejillo. On December 28, 1857, the town of Natillas (name given because of its delicious skim candies) was considered a municipality and named Cosío in honor to Don Luis de Cosío, who governed our state.
It has various historical attractions such as the Juárez Garden, where you can find a statue dedicated to Benito Juárez and near this statue other statues of Venustiano Carranza and Catarino Ruvalcaba (one of the town's founders).
A distinguished place is the Temple of the Virgin of Guadalupe and the dome of La Punta, a former hacienda, whose construction dates from 1890 to 1909.

The Church of San José is located in the center of this township. It is a very important building for the town's people due to the fact that each person carried a stone to the construction site. In the Santa Cruz Hill you can appreciate a breath-taking view of the village, besides, it is there where every year, on May 3, the Holy Cross is celebrated. This municipality has also various desert views.
Plaza Juárez S/N
Zona Centro
C.P. 20460
Phone: (458) 987-01-91 y 987-09-40
Fax: 987-09-04
Cosío, Ags., México.
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